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BRIGANTINE Marine Consulting LLP (BMC) is a Singapore-based consulting company, founded and registered in 2006 (Reg. No: T06LL0583J).


BMC Translation Group presents itself to the industry as a small but efficient group of professional mother tongue translators, who translate into their own language and who are specialists in their field.

BMC Translation Group was created to assist our customers with professional translation and interpretation in the wide range of industries and business activities.

BMC Translation Group has an excellent reputation within the language, communication and translation industry, mainly because our professional focus is based on a highly personal service and a thorough understanding of clients' needs.

BMC Translation Group specialises in range of subject areas of translation and interpretation, including:

•     Commercial translations

•     Business translations

•     Marketing and advertising


•     Legal translations

•     Technical documentation and


•     Financial and accounting


•     Medical and scientific


Our Experience

Company Organization

BMC Translation Group has an extremely professional and seasoned core staff, as well as a team of part-time (project-based) employees, who are organised as follow:

•     Project management

•     Translation group

•     Interpretation group

•     Accounting & Administration

We only work with suppliers with a proven expertise in their field, whether it is translation, interpretation or editorial work

Featured Services

BMC Translation Group provides the following professional services:

•     Translation

•     Interpreting

•     Localization

•     Proofreading and Editing

•     Quality Management

•     Glossary/Terminology

•     Creation and Management

•     Typesetting

•     Remote interpretations

•     Real-time email translation


BMC Translation Group provides professional translation (with a written form) into or from languages, including but not limited to:

•     Languages of former USSR

•     Languages of Eastern Europe

•     Some Western languages.

BMC also provides experienced consecutive interpreters with subject-matter expertise to give you a seamless experience. Languages are subject to availability in Singapore (Ask us).

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